Seafood Restaurants

Fishers Bistro

1 Shore, Edinburgh
T. 0131 554 5666
(0 user reviews)

Fishers in the City

58 Thistle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EN
T. 0131 225 5109
(0 user reviews)

Loch Fyne

25 Pier Place, Newhaven Harbour, Edinburgh, EH6 4LP
T. 0131 559 3900
(0 user reviews)

Mussel Inn

61-65 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2NH
T. 0131 225 5979
(0 user reviews)

The Ship on the Shore

24-26 Shore, Edinburgh, EH6 6QN
T. 0131 555 0409
(2 user reviews)

Skippers Seafood Bistro

1a Dock Place, Edinburgh
T. 0131 554 1018
(0 user reviews)

Seafood Restaurants in Edinburgh Scotland
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