Bramble Bar & Lounge

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16a Queen Street

Phone: 0131 226 6343

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Gold starGold starGold starGold starGold star by (Williamstown, MA, USA) on 13 March 2009
Bramble, on the other hand, is such a great place, that the longer the wait, the better. Here, they specialize in gin cocktails. Their list has all the classics – Plymouth (ordinary and navy strength), Bombay, Tanqueray, Gordons &c. But those looking for something special, would do well to try Hendrick’s, a Scottish gin, which Bramble does especially well. The Hendrick’s distillery in Ayrshire uses a Carter-Head Still from the 19th century, one of only four in the world. Its ingredients are unique, infusing cucumbers and rose pedals. It is therefore garnished not with lime, but cucumber (and rose pedals if you’ve got them). Aside from an excellent G&T (3.50, for Hendrick’s), there are a number of Hendrick’s “tea” cocktails (7.00). These are served in a stemmed tea-cup and are flavourful variations of the martini. Those looking for an ordinary martini (7.00, for Hendrick’s), however, will not be disappointed. The bar staff here are among the few in Edinburgh that are still capable of making that simple classic. Aside from the high quality of the drinks and staff, the ambience here is marvellous. There are some lofty spots with cushions, where one can recline comfortably (the Glasgow Herald says these are good for clandestine liaisons, lecherous devils!). It is dimly lit, always with an excellent DJ, playing music with “soul.” In the late evening, the music gets rather too loud for conversation, but it is very good. The decor is modern, but there is a touch of the 1920s speak-easy too, suggested by the discreet downstairs location, subtle lighting and music. The customers are mostly fashionable young chaps and chapettes, dressed with real elegance. (5/5)

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