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38 Marchmont Road

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Letting Agents & Property Managers in Edinburgh , Marchmont Road in Edinburgh

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Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Davis, USA) on 22 October 2011
I started out hopeful with this agent; they seemed nice, helpful and eager to help. Little do I know they were only eager to help make themselves some fast cash. I moved into my new property having been told it would be cleaned and fixed up since I viewed it when there was some restoration work going on. I assumed, as I usually do, that I was being told the truth; however, I move in and the fridge has been left full of food that's been there for about 3 or 4 months... and the fridge was unplugged. The shower was also defective and took 3 days to repair, so I couldn't shower; the agents took about a month to remove the fridge and bring a new one (so no fridge for a month) and, on top of all of that, the place was so filthy it took 4 days and a bottle of bleach to cleanse the grime from everything. Also had to have a new stove brought it, as the old one had hairy things growing in the oven that I would not touch. Winter rolls round, and I realize the windows aren't sealed. At all. You can see outside through the gap between the wall and the frame, with wind whistling through the place - freezing Scottish wind that chills to the bone. Took a long time to get anyone from the agent to come fix this (which is a legal requirement in their contract, I might add, they have to keep it windtight) and when they did the 'fix' did not even work. There was still a massive gap. We gave up and decided to just deal with freezing until it warmed up, so we got sick a bunch of times and drank lots of hot tea. Luckily we'd campaigned beforehand to have the boiler repaired so we had hot water and heating - this also took a couple weeks and a legal threat. Once we left the ghastly property (at last!) we cleaned it up as best we could and paid all the bills, making sure to get proof of payment for these to take to the agent. We then receive a prompt email stating we'd forgotten to get proof of power/gas payment (we actually did forget) and that they were taking off 120 GBP for a 'professional clean' because we didn't clean well enough - there was some dirt on the stove and one door handle wasn't brilliantly clean. This was still far cleaner than we had left it; I complained and received a prompt threat to increase the 120 to 1100 because there were a couple of blu-tack stains somewhere from a poster. Ok, I settled for the smaller loss of 120. I then managed to organize the proof of payment, which took months as me and the guy I shared with were both away... once I get the proof to them, two and a half weeks and still no payment. These guys are complete crooks - they don't reply to polite reminder emails about things, the only thing they seem to understand is threats and demands, which I don't particularly like making. I am currently preparing a final letter to send them demanding payment. DO NOT RENT ANYTHING FROM THIS AGENCY. You will have no end of problems. Go for one of the big companies who, while bad, are at least well-regulated. (1/5)

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Letting Agents & Property Managers in Edinburgh Scotland
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