Crichton-Stuart Management Services

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20 Manor Place

Phone: 0131 220 4817

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Letting Agents & Property Managers in Edinburgh , Manor Place in Edinburgh

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1 user review(s)

Gold starGold starGold starGold starGold star by (edinburgh) on 11 August 2011
Having been treated like dirt by most other letting agents - much, I suspect, due to being a student - it has been incredibly refreshing to let my flat through Crichton Stuart! When our hoover packed in, it was replaced. When our fridge started looking a beat up and old, they replaced it within 3 working days. When we mentioned that the oven was getting on, it was replaced straight away. Add to that the fact that they're pushing to have our bathroom done up, and I couldn't be more pleased! Oh, and they are really friendly and chatty whenever you call them up or visit their offices. Would definitely recommend letting through them! (5/5)

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Letting Agents & Property Managers in Edinburgh Scotland
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