Eastern Motor Company

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1-7 Corstorphine Road
EH12 6DD

Phone: 0131 467 6000

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Vehicle Sales & Repairers in Edinburgh , Corstorphine Road in Edinburgh

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Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Alnwick) on 19 July 2010
Used BMW Car Buyers Beware. I was unfortunate enough to have purchased a used BMW Z4 M Roadster last summer "2009" from Eastern Motor Company in Edinburgh. Every used BMW should go through a (BMW AUC Programme) your assurance that every Approved Used BMW has been prepared to exacting standards. Not only does every Approved Used BMW go through more than 120 rigorous checks and full road tests, you also receive an extensive array of specific programme benefits. However, my Z4 M never went through any such checks before the sales person handed over my keys... When I eventually got home after a 90 mile trip I set about washing and cleaning my car. To my horror I had a catalogue of problems, some of which were seriously dangerous and could have caused an accident on my way home. What Im about to list below Im sure any readers will be questioning my honesty here, but I assure you this is 100% true and I have the paperwork to prove it. 1: front nearside tyre "FLAT" 2: front and rear nearside alloys both "BUCKLED" 3: rear exhaust backbox "10p SIZED HOLE through it" 4: offside window "faulty switch" 5: rear numberplate light "water inside" 6: suspect paintwork to offside door and the list goes on and on... As you can see by the above list, this car had clearly been damaged in some way or another, this Z4 M had only covered 3000 miles from new but had been mistreated by the staff at Eastern or by someone else either way I was sold this car for 25,000 with all this damage to it. On a positive note they did come to my home to pick it up and offered to repair it, which they did. But, I soon sold the car afterwards having felt somewhat being miss sold a lemon. My BMW experience had been severely tested and I feel disgusted as to their business dealings. I never did get an apology from BMW Head Customer Services to this date (1/5)

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Vehicle Sales & Repairers in Edinburgh Scotland
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