Edinburgh Cycle Hire

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29 Blackfriars Street

Phone: 0131 556 5560

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1 user review(s)

Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Surrey) on 30 March 2012
Dear Peter (owner), I am shocked by the fact that you have recently just HUNG UP THE PHONE on me because i decided not to use your cycle shop as a rental place for a day, simply because it would be inconvenient for you to 'OPEN UP' at 11.15am (your shop window says 10am several times...worth reviewing that), which meant me waiting over 1hour. I did call you a few days before my visit as an enquiry and I said I would be there the day before today to collect a bike, and even though you kindly had someone waiting all day in the shop for me, you consistantly made it known to me that 'this was an inconvenience' to you. The reason why I did not come to your shop that day, Peter, was that I had lost my passport which I saw as a slightly more important matter to deal with than renting a bike. However, you still attempted to make me feel guilty about you having to open your shop!! (on 30th March? Its not that off-season). After deciding that your customer service was appauling, I decided to call you back to tell you that I did not want the bike for the second day, by which point you felt the need to hang up on me!! Grow up!!!!! A few words entered my head on your customer service skills, but now I feel sorry for you and your shabby looking shop. I have NEVER reviewed a business before online in a negative way, congratulations on being my first. (1/5)

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