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14 Coates Crescent

Phone: 0131 220 6360

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Letting Agents & Property Managers in Edinburgh , Coates Crescent in Edinburgh

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Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Edinburgh) on 1 July 2011
It's 0100 in the morning and the GM tenants upstairs are still playing electric guitar (with amps) with friends playing trumpet. 2 years of hell & meds for stress & to help me sleep thru' the worst of the noise (1/5)

Gold starGold starGold starGrey starGrey star by (Edinburgh) on 29 August 2009
Hi Please do complain if you are having a propblem. I'm Peter Grant and I own Grant Management. I'm keen to hear from you with any serious or lingering problem, so I can help. Your ideas on how we can improve what we do are also welcome! email me at Peter (3/5)

Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Edinburgh) on 23 April 2009
Not the best experience in the world. After booking my first viewing I received a call half an hour before the viewing time to advise that they had been unable to contact current tenants to confirm the time and would have to arrange an alternate time. After agreeing a new vieiwng I arrived at the agreed time to find that no one had turned up. After calling the office I was advised that whoever I had spoken to previoulsy had not booked the viewing into the diary. I had to wait a further 20 minutes for someone to turn up - after taking time out of my lunch hour I did not want to have to come all the way back for a viewing. A suggestion to letting agents would be to view the property before you show it to prospective clients and perhaps bring the right set of keys. The property I saw was worse than a pig sty and had been attacked by a cross bow. There was even damage to the outside of the main door from a shot fired down the hall in the living room. (1/5)

Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Edinburgh) on 15 January 2009
This is such a bad company , would not recommend at all.They tell you lots of positive things will be happening to your flat before you move in and when you do move in not a thing has been done.We were told out flat would be profesionally cleaned and newly decorated when we moved in and indeed it was not !!! we found a used condom , gay porn and excrement still in the toilet bowl.It was awful and when the cleaners came round again they had arguements with our agent saying that they did clean the flat and someone else had lived there since they cleaned it.Very unprofesional. i would not recomend (1/5)

Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Stirling) on 11 December 2008
I am currently living in a Grant Management rented property with two others. We are students at Stirling University. We have found Grant Management to be the worst estate agents. We have informed them of all the problems in the flat over a dozen times - literally. We moved in 4 months ago, and are still waiting on things to get fixed. And it's serious things as well - our plumbing doesn't works, causing water to flow from any of the kitchen appliances up through the shower and a horrible eggy fishy smell. Our windows also don't shut properly in two of the bedrooms, causing a serious draft, which is in fact illegal as the property is not wind tight. These two problems are still not fixed. Our very dark outer hall way has no sercurity light, and this has yet to be acknowledged by them despite our numerous complaints. Every time we try to get in touch with them it take approx 15 mins on hold, and I have been hung up on 3 times in the past. When you do get through, they take a contact number, the complaint and say they will call back, which they have only done once so far, and that was over an enquiry about rent (the most important thing to them is getting the money off us). When we pointed out our complaints had all be listed on the Inventory, like they asked us to do, they said that they don't actually read them in the repairs dept, it just gets put in our file. My guarantor wrote in a lengthy letter or offical complaint, and when it got no response, I enquired to the status of them resonding to it, they informed me they hadn't received it even though it had been posted about three weeks before, when I pointed this out, they admitted they don't open their mail often. I find their attitude towards renters, students in particular. They are lazy and very disorganised with the details of each flat. I would never use Grant Management again, and would definitely never recommend them to anyone, not even someone I disliked. (1/5)

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Letting Agents & Property Managers in Edinburgh Scotland
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